The word “Taus,” means “peacock” in Persian. It is named this because of its shape – the peacock.  The name was originally pronounced, “Ta-voo-s” but over time is has changed and is now more commonly pronounced “Ta-oous.”

The Taus is a bowed instrument known for its deep, mellow sound. It has four main strings and twenty frets, which are the keys to the notes. There are also around seventeen sympathetic strings on the Taus. The sound box is very big and hollow, and is covered with goat skin. Making the Taus requires great craftsmanship, as it is carved from a single piece of wood.

The Taus is a very unique and beautiful instrument. The appearance of the Taus alone captures your attention. Together, its remarkable design, architecture, and sound create a masterpiece of art that is not only awe-inspiring to look at, but also blissful to hear.